At Last !! The Southern African Rare Bird Alert platform is now officially Live. This is going to greatly help to :

      speed up the time to pass the information through to birders
      help birders determine if their sighting is In Range or Out-of-Range (and by how far)
      help compile a structured database of Rare Birds in the region
      keep track of their own rare bird sightings
      view a History of 970 species out of range birds
      allow birders to view what others have seen
      see the latest Confirmed Sightings from anywhere across Southern Africa.

The app is not only for the Megas, but also for all Out-of-Range records of regular birds seen by birders in the public.

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Get the Latest News

Not only the latest best sightings across Southern Africa, but also the most recent news on Confirmations that the bird is still there by others.

Add your Own

Keep track of your own Rarities and Confimations of all Rare and Out-of-Range Birds that you've seen. View how far your sightings are out-of-range.


See all of Southern Africa's Rare and Out-of-Range sightings for all 970 species, not only for the MEGAS but also for Provincial out-of-range birds.

Message from Trevor

Fantastic! This is going to take the passion I share with so many other birders out there to the next level!
Join the madness as we map the Rare and Out-of-Range birds across our region and provide almost instantaneous feedback to the birding public on keeping them up to date with the latest Rare Bird News as it happens.

The excitement of finding a Mega is equally matched by the fun of sharing it with others and seeing friends and fellow birders again at a twitch. Over time technology has greatly increased the flow of information to birders in spreading the news which has allowed for more birders to connect with a bird which they are looking for. This started with the Bi-weekly email forum on SA RareBirdNews and then grew more recently to the RareBird FaceBook group. However sometimes unfortunately my phone may have been off or I may not have been available to take the call or receive the ID photos to confirm the ID of the bird. And of course this usually meant a delay in getting the news out earlier to birders which resulted in them sometimes missing . the chance to get the news early enough to be able to view the bird for themselves.

There was also the problem that all these sightings were being lost in large amounts of emails or FaceBook messages with no structured database compiling the records together. This is is going to be a game-changer and I cant wait to see this project going full-steam ahead!

Download the App


Why make an app for Rare Birds ?
The idea is to automate the process of recording, vetting and sending out the news as fast as possible. Sadly, all the sightings recorded through the RareBird email reports and FaceBook Group were being lost as quickly as they were being recorded, but the App will now bring the possibility for everything to be centralised. It also hugely speeds up the flow of information to birders in the public and reduces the number of hours I was spending writing and sending the emails.

Are the sightings verified before they are sent to everyone else's phone?
Yes, all sightings are sent through to Trevor Hardaker who verifies the record from the photo you attached and either Accepts, Rejects, places into a Pending state (while he researches the ID of the bird a bit more), or sets the record to an Escapee, or sets the record as a Verification of a Previous Rare Bird sighting that was recorded earlier by someone else.

Should I add my out-of-range sightings that were reported in Trevor's emails ?
No, don't worry about this. These will be captured and added to the database behind the scenes and will magically appear in the app sometime in the near future.

Can my previous Rare Bird sightings appear in the App under 'My Sightings'
Yes, we will try to match your Username to Historical records in the database that were manually captured. If you can alert us, we will try to do it straight away.

How do I attach my Photo when I send my record ?
Easy, just take a photo of the back of your camera showing the bird and press 'Add Image' when using the app to add the sighting.

How do I Add my sighting if I have left the place where I saw the bird ?
You can just drag the pin on the map and re-position it on the map to where you were.

Why do I need to Register on the App?
Registering on the App means that the app will know who you are so that you can Add or Confirm sightings without having to re-type your name and email address each time.

Are there Help Documents?
Yes, the app has all the help you need to get going.